Marketer or agency? I can help you out.

I am a marketing scientist with two decades of experience from technical and strategy work to leadership positions.

Currently, I share my time between freelance engagements and research and teaching at Aalto University as Professor of Practice in Marketing.

I'm available in Helsinki (or remotely) as an interim director or extra pair of hands for client work, internal development, and pitches.

Independent advice for marketing leadership

Qualified second opinions: I provide analysis and recommendations on what services to buy, how to manage them, and what to measure to maximize value, transparency, and accountability – free from agency ties or other complications.

Marketing planning & project management

Advanced analytics and data science, marketing modelling stacks, digital audience management, data-driven marketing & media strategy, digital transformation roadmaps

Data-driven marketing tools & processes

KPI/measurement frameworks and deployment, performance management systems and dashboards, long-term marketing performance

Working with partners & technologies

Agency briefing, requirements specification, sourcing processes, capability assessments, adtech/martech partner and solution auditing

I have partnered with Zeal Sourcing (Helsinki/Stockholm/Singapore) to support clients on both individual purchasing projects and overall services sourcing strategy.

Recruitment & staffing

I have a large, multidisciplinary network of good people, both local in Finland and spanning the globe. Please get in touch to chat about your needs for recruitment or project support.

Research support

Marketing research covers everything from market studies to brand equity modelling – and making sure you’re asking the right questions.

With a combined academic research and applied corporate background, I can deliver support, training, planning, or execution for business research, from basic operative foundations for decision support to advanced data science methods.

Talks & training

I'm available for speaking engagements and custom training modules on a range of topics. The level and approach of my talks can be tailored to your needs, from infotainment for general interest audiences to deep-dives for technical specialists.

In addition to operative marketing strategy and measurement topics, I speak about privacy and digital ethics. The business implications of privacy in digital marketing have comprised an important part of my research and teaching in the past years, and include themes such as industry dynamics, privacy experience design, and privacy-oriented brand strategies.

In Finland and the Nordics, my live content is also available via MySpeaker.

Sama suomeksi.

Client feedback

“The perfect union of theory with practice”
 – Media Agency CEO
“You walked me through media mix modelling better than anyone in my whole career” – Account Executive
“Thorough and detailed work, as usual” – Ad Agency CEO
“Extraordinary competency” – Senior Global Director, Sportswear Brand
“I still can’t stop thinking about your talk last week”
 – Office Mood Manager, Consumer Electronics Manufacturer